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It will be given to you by trader named Opold ( NOV2- 2). Noveria assignments. You can find the name of any given side quest once you' ve encountered it in the Assignments section of your Journal.

He' ll ask you to smuggle through customs an illegal package. 2 Prev WALKTHROUGH Feros - p. 1 | WALKTHROUGH Mass Effect Guide.

You a pass to leave the port is if you inform him about Opold' s request as part of the " Noveria: Smuggling" veria - p. Anoleis is a very impatient salarian who will inform you that Saren is a major investor in Binary Helix that Benezia is here to address an issue at their research facility. 3 Virmire; 4 Galaxy Spanning Assignments. 3 Story Planet Assignments. Sigma Hades Gamma Hawking Eta Horse Head Nebula Kepler Verge Local Cluster Maroon Sea Pangea Styx Theta Serpent Nebula Agebinium Assignments related to Shepard' s history Collecting Missions. 2 Uncharted Planet Assignments; 5 Paragon/ Renegade Assignments; 6 Downloadable Content. Completing this assignment will let you get out the port in the quickest way. If your persuasion level is high, you' ll learn that the package is for krogan named Inamorda.

Next WALKTHROUGH Noveria - p. 1 Bring Down The Sky; 6. 1 Galaxy Collection Assignments; 4.

A privately- chartered colony world, the planet is owned by the Noveria Development Corporation holding company. See/ Add Comments. This section of the guide using links below covers the game' s side quests. However the upgrade likely isn' t anything that couldn' t be acquired veria is a cool rocky world with most of its hydrosphere locked up in massive glaciers.
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How can the answer be improved? Assignments are the side missions of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.
There is a large variety of assignments to complete; this page is a list of them.

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Click on a specific assignment in the list to read its detailed veria Assignments. The quality of the weapon mod inside of the package is dependent on your character' s level, so the higher Shepard' s level, the stronger the weapon mod is.

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